My Craft Room….

20 Sep

It’s still a work in progress…. but it’s working for me 🙂  We are still renovating our home and this room is on the list for a re-do so I haven’t spent much time on it.  It should be higher on my priority list as it is where I spend the majority of my free time 😉

I am a bit lazy about posting to my blog and posting my cards to SplitCoast Stampers so the line up on the shelf above the laptop is cards waiting to be bogged and posted.  I keep Stamp sets, ribbon, embossing powders and envelopes in the overhead cupboards.


There is where I keep the rest of my paper and my sewing box that I never use LOL!  I *HATE* to sew 😉  The basket to the right is all paper pads from various companies and the top section of the lower shelves is all plain card stock in various colors.   The drawer is the bone yard for the cards that I have made that I haven’t used yet… it’s great to have this drawer, when I need a card I just open it up and flip through it and usually find something appropriate.  The wooden cabinet houses my main computer that I have my Cricut connect to.  I only tend to use this computer when I use the cricut tho.


This is where I hide my junk LOL!  In the drawers  is loads more ribbon, the bottom left drawer is all Stampin’ Up stamps.  The top right drawer is punches and embellishments.  Next drawer down is my horrific pile of scraps that I can’t bear to look at.  The bottom drawer is older catalogs and magazines that I need to clear out as I never use them.


So there you have it!

This is my Stamping Space.  It’s kinda crazy but I love it!

Lisa 🙂


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