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I Spy With my Little Eye….

31 Jan

Hi Everyone… I am playing along with DellsDani’s I Spy challenge this week….  I made a quick and easy card for this after stalking everyone else’s creations to figure out what she was spying! LOL!!! I couldn’t figure it out to save my life! LOL!!  I am so hooked on these new dies I am using from The Cutting Garden…  The Doily die is by Cheery Lynn and the flourish is by Memory Box! I made a pretty double bow and added a handmade pin.  Here is what Dani said in the challenge…

1. I can make things look vintage
2. I can make you feel pretty
3. I like to live on the edge
4. You can tie me 

I had such a hard time with this one!!!!  Oh well, I ended up being able to play along in the end…. even if I had t cheat a little! LOL!!

Well there’s my entry!  I hope everyone has a nice evening…. I am hoping to actually sleep tonight instead of tossing and turning all night like last night!

Lisa 🙂

Something different for me…

30 Jan

This is not my usual style at all but a friend at work asked me to make her two cards for a couple of friends in her running club that are doing their first half marathon…. As you can see, I am terrible with coloring… I avoid coloring at all costs! LOL!!!   Maybe if I practiced more I would improve but now that I have made these two cards I just can’t wait to start playing with my bows and flowers again! LOL!!!  The stamp I used is by Kraftin’ Kimmie and I bought this stamp with Wendy in mind… I knew it would come to good use making cards for her.

I really hope she likes them….. I’m on the fence 😉

Hope everyone is having a great evening!

Lisa 🙂

Diane is such a Darling!!!

29 Jan

Whew!!! All this blog posting is a bunch of work! LOL!!! I’ve been posting like crazy today and loving every single minute of it!  I made this card for DellsDani’s weekly alphabet challenge, the letter we are working with is “D” and it’s all about DIANE!!!!

It is so great to make new friends isn’t it???  Diane is truly the darling of the Alphabet challenge… she has totally embraced this challenge and puts her ALL into it!  We are supposed to be writing a story to go along with our creations but I am not doing great with this I’m afraid! LOL!!!

Oh Well….. I’ve never been one to follow the rules so I don’t care about the story and I threw caution to the wind and made a card for our little star DIANE!!!  Check this out…

Busy BUSY is my usual style… I hope Diane will send me her address so I can pop this in the mail to her, after all, I made it special just for her!!  (and to be honest, I don’t know any other Diane’s) LOL!!!!

I made the sentiment with my computer and stuck it on with hot glue so she better want it! LOL!!!  See the pink crochet flower pattern cut background?  It is a new punch all over the page I got from Martha Stewart but I can’t get it to work for me to save my life! LOL!!! I have to beg my husband Tony to punch it out for me, it’s obviously too difficult for me to get it right! LOL!!!

Here’s a little hint…. I will be including some of these in my next happy mail post!!!! *Grin*  So pop by and say Hello… you could be the next person to receive some papery goodness in your mailbox from me!! 🙂

So there it is Chickie’s!   What do you think of that beautiful little background behind the rolled flower?  It’s another Memory Box Buckle Die from The Cutting Garden!  Love It!!! 🙂

So here’s my message to Diane…… Dog gone it Diane, you are such a  Darling! This challenge just Dared me to Do something Daring and Devote a card in your honor!

Have a great evening!

Lisa 🙂

Hand Made Flowers…. and Pins!

29 Jan

This crafting stuff is highly addictive!!! I follow a Lovely and Talented friend, Lauren because she has so much knowledge and I learn so much from her…. She makes the MOST beautiful flowers I have ever seen hand made!!  Check her blog out… go on, treat yourself!

So I have been trying to make a hand made flower that isn’t too hideous…  Let’s just say… I’ve made piles of them and I usually get fed up, ball them up and throw them at the garbage can but sometimes I miss (I’m no basketball player) and they end up on the floor and my dog Sasha usually eats them LOL!!  I have to chase her around the house to get them before she swallows them! LOL!!

So here’s what I have come up with in my lame attempt at impressing my friend Lauren….

Ohhhh and I can’t forget this new little obsession of mine…. Hat Pins!  NOW THIS IS A HAT PIN!!! All three beautiful inches of it! LOL!!!  I stayed up late last night and made pins while I chatted with a friend on Skype… They are SO fun to make and SO easy!!!  Now that I have the pins LOL!!!! I want to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to Kim from The Cutting Garden for letting me know where I could buy them!!!   Here’s the link to Kim’s lovely store…  Check out the beautiful ribbon I used on this card…. Kim has it in stock at her store…. and best of all…. It’s a crazy fantastic price!!!  I am so addicted to ribbon! LOL!

So there’s my flower….. Would you believe I made this with a corner punch??  I AM SOOOO Pleased with it 🙂  It was super easy… I saw a picture of a flower similar to this somewhere on the weird wild web and messed around until I figured out how to make it!

Hmmmmm…. wonder if my next happy mail winner will get some of these????? *wink*  It’s very likely!! 😀

Have a great evening!

Lisa 🙂

Starting something new….

29 Jan

I thought I would start something new on my blog….  I have decided that I want to send out more happy mail and what better way to do it then to send it to all you lovely ladies that leave me such sweet comments all the time 🙂  Check this out…

My lovely friend Kathy (aka muscrat) on SplitCoast always leaves encouragement for me on my blog and I just can not express how much I appreciate it!  Kathy seems to love the rolled flowers that I have been playing with lately so I cut out 32 flowers for her and they are going in the mail to her tomorrow! I also stamped some cute images for her.

I hope you like it Kathy!  Thanks for being such a wonderful friend *hugs*

FYI Everyone…. I will be doing more happy mail packages up so don’t be shy…. stop by and say hello!  You could be next!! 🙂

Lisa 🙂

Who’s Hungry????

29 Jan

I love to cook!  I don’t do a ton of cooking anymore now that the children are grown and doing their own thing so I tend to make more convenient meals these days.  After work I am usually too tired to bother cooking anything overly time consuming but on Sunday’s I usually make something yummy….

 Lasagna is pretty easy to make but we do it a bit different in our house.  We make our Lasagna with a cheese sauce on top!  You melt butter in a sauce pan and then add flower to the melted butter until it’s nice and thick.  Then we pour in about 4 cups of milk and stir it constantly until it all starts to thicken.  Then add loads of grated old cheddar and it all melts together.  Just pour it over the top and bake!  SOOO delicious and really easy!

So who’s coming for supper???  As you can see, there is plenty!! 🙂

Lisa 🙂

Rolled Flowers….

29 Jan

These are just the prettiest flowers!  I love using them, they are so quick and easy to make and when you add a bit of ink using a sponge it really adds to them don’t you think?  Again, I am using some of the lovely goodies I picked up from my local craft store, The Cutting Garden.  They have a fantastic selection of ribbon and this one is one of my favorites!  Kim has ordered some in white as well and I just CAN’T wait to get my hands on that! LOL!! This is just a random card that I made with no particular reason behind it other than to add to my growing pile of cards that will end up in my box at work.  I have a box of cards here at home that I need to take pictures of and post and this box is really filling up!  It seems that for every card I post I make three that goes into my *waiting to post* box.  I need to get a move on! LOL!!

So there you have it!  Another crazy busy card made by me!  I love that beautiful doily mat in the background… I cut a few of these during crop night at The Cutting Garden but I think I am going to have to buy this one… It’s so so lovely and I just know I will use it so much!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  I’ll be back in a bit with another post 🙂

Lisa 🙂