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Weekly Alphabet Challenge – Letter A…

4 Jan

Hello Blog Friends!  I searched my craft room and couldn’t come up with a stamp that was appropriate for this challenge.  In truth, I’m not much of a stamper, it’s all about the decorating for me I’m afraid 😉  Check this out….

This card screams ABUNDANCE to me!  (Thanks Lynn!) You pulled me out of the fire on this one!!! I’m gonna call it my Abundance of Butterflies, Bows and Bling Card!!!  I am supposed to come up with a story using a lot of A words.  *sigh*   Here’s all I got…

After all Anthony alliterated, as an admirable axiom after all acceptable avenues are attempted, adapt, accede, and accept always applies! It’s not a story but it’s a good Motto!  (Thanks Tony!)  *shrug*  I’ll try to do better next time! 😉

Here’s a look at the whole card….

 Hope I don’t get kicked out of the challenge for this one! LOL!!!

Have a good evening!!!

Lisa 🙂