Mix It Up! Paper Piecing….

8 Apr

I’m on a roll today it seems…. I think I have nicked my friend Lauren’s mojo *giggle*  I will give it back to her I promise!!! 😉  Here’s another set of Masculine Birthday Cards I have put together…

The lovely and talented Kathy.. aka Muscrat has challenged us to make a project using paper piecing and as usual… I am late! tsk! I hope this card qualifies… they love to jump all over me when I mess up! 😉

I am having a blast with this Stampin’ Up! Motorcycle stamp!  I am also sticking to my rule about my scraps… both these cards are totally made with scraps, including the bases! 🙂  *whew*  My scrap pile is still small and organized… I’ll have to show it to Lauren the next time we skype… ye of little faith 😛  lol  Pop over to Lauren’s lovely blog… she has made some spectacular boxes and bags this week that are an absolute MUST SEE!!!  WoW!

Well it’s time for me to face the music to see if my cards qualify for Kathy’s challenge!

I hope you all are having a fantastic Easter Sunday and thanks for stopping by!!!



One Response to “Mix It Up! Paper Piecing….”

  1. Kathy (muscrat) April 8, 2012 at 1:27 pm #

    Lovely card! Thanks for playing!!

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