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Family Memory Book….

11 Sep

Good Morning!

All I have to say is, Thank goodness for advance posting!…

I spent yesterday nursing a sore back and feet, and I set this lovely memory book to post while I was snuggled up in bed after I had a hot bath (and a nice dose of ibuprofen).  Nothing like laying in bed relaxing after hours on your feet, on a cement floor having the most wonderful evening of your life watching your friend getting married *sigh*  Yes Saturday night goes down in history as one of the best nights I have had in years!

Okay…. enough of that… I have a lovely memory book to share with you.  I made it for a friend at work and I haven’t had a chance to post it because I have been busy getting ready for Karyn’s wedding!  So here it is!…

Yes I have put extra pages in this book because I just HAD to use all the pics she gave me 🙂

Sheila, I hope you family enjoys this as much as I enjoyed making it! *hugs*