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1 Jan

Happy New Year!

Today is the last day of my vacation and of course, I have left a ton of stuff that I need to get done to the last minute LOL!  I am busy today getting my self ready to begin my new job tomorrow.  It is going to be difficult at first as I am sure I will feel a bit home sick.  I love all my co-workers and I am really going to miss seeing them every day but change is GOOD!

The walls in my new office are totally bare!  It actually echo’s in there!  Over the Christmas holidays I went shopping to find some paintings to put up but as I was shopping I realized how crazy it would be for me to actually buy pictures… I have so much crafty stuff at home, why not make my own????

I made 6 canvas’… have a peek…

Canvas 1Canvas 2Canvas 3Canvas 4Canvas 5Canvas 6It was so easy!  Once I got one of them done, the rest just flowed and I had all 6 done in one day!  Modeling Paste…. LOVE LOVE LOVE that stuff!  I have a nice little selection on stencils so I was able to make each one different.

I hope these inspire you to have a go at creating your own!

Thanks for stopping by!