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My Garden….

11 Aug

Hey there blog friends….

I thought I would take a few minutes to share some pictures of my garden…..

Garden 1Garden 2Garden 3Garden 4Garden 5Garden 6Garden 7It hasn’t been the greatest summer here in Halifax.  We had so much rain in June so everything is late I’m afraid.  Although my green peppers are doing fantastic!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend.  I will be back soon with something crafty to share with you.

Thanks for stopping by!



It stopped raining for a few minutes!

11 Jun

It seems like all it has been doing is raining here in Halifax.  It actually stopped for a little while the other day and Tony seized the opportunity and sparked up the BBQ for Supper.  He hates getting his picture taken and It is rare that I actually get a shot of him when he not making a menacing face at me for trying to snap a shot of him…..

Tony 1Here’s a picture of Sasha watching Tony slaving at the BBQ….

Sasha 1I also took a picture of my garden but I fear with all this rain, my poor little veggies may drown…

Garden 1This year pole beans, loads of different types of peppers, brussel sprouts, rhubarb, tomatoes and strawberries are on the menu!

Here is a shot of my one little annual plant that I bought this year….

Flowers 1It was too pretty to pass up.  My yard is full of perennials so I don’t bother much with annuals anymore.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with some pictures of my little garden… next to my craft room, it is my one of my favorite places to hang out.

Hope you are having a great evening!Signature


My Garden…

1 Jul

It is an incredibly beautiful day today!  I couldn’t resist wandering around my yard and snapping some pictures of some of my plants… This next one is fun… I decided to grow some salad mix lettuce in my tea cup planter to see how it turns out…

These are totally out of control!!!  Soon I won’t be able to park in the driveway! LOL!!  Next spring I am going to have to dig all these up and divide them (AGAIN!)  Anyone want some?

This is what the blooms look like 🙂

Happy Canada Day! 😀




17 Jun

I just had to post this….

The picture is a bit deceiving but this bowl is about 3 pints of berries 🙂  My berry patch is producing about a pint of berries a day right now.  These plants produce berries all summer so we get to enjoy picking for about three months!

Have a great day!

Gardening… another hobby I truly enjoy….

11 Jun

I can not believe it’s almost the middle of June!  I feel like I am totally behind with my gardening.  I have pretty much abandoned all annual plants except for a few veggies that I like to plat each year such as tomato’s, green and yellow beans and I try to grow beets each year especially for the beat greens but I have never had them work out for me yet but I am going to give it another go this year! I thought I would post some pics of my feeble gardening efforts so far this year…. My sister Joann gave me this Hosta a couple of years ago and I can not believe in only two years it has turned into a complete monster!!! I LOVE IT!  She had one at her home and I was totally in love with it so I was so excited the day she showed up with this lovely present for me and I am thrilled that It is doing so well!  Thanks Joann! 😀

In the front of my house I have the most beautiful Weigelia shrub that is also Huge!  It is about 10 feet tall and is pretty much in full bloom right now… this shrub is so easy to care for, all I need to do is cut it back each year to promote new growth and it blooms beautifully every year!

I know this is a beautiful flower… its a massive peony plant I also have in the front of my house but It is absolutely my least favorite plant.  I keep threatening to dig it out each year because THE day it decides to bloom, it will always rain and rain hard that day and totally destroy the blooms! LOL!!! I usually only have about 3 hours to spend with the big beautiful red blooms and then they are gone.  *sigh*  what a shame huh?  I guess I can enjoy this almost bloomed stage for a couple of days and after seeing how lovely this picture turned out, the peony is safe for another year!  Sorry Mom… It was almost yours again this year! LOL!

My Strawberries!!  I Love LOVE my strawberry beds!  Tony has built me all raised beds for my Veggie gardening as I have two dogs and lets face it…. we do not want the dogs traipsing through the veggie garden….  I spend a lot of time and effort on these beds and I don’t want my precious plants trampled!!

It’s June 11th and we are already picking berries!  Here are hundreds to ripen and the plants are healthy throwing off runners now so I will be preparing for next years crops, poking all those lovely babies back in the ground.  Strawberries are so easy to grow, they just keep giving you new plants and they keep coming back year after year! 🙂

Since I have had fantastic luck with Strawberries, I thought I would give blueberries a try.  This is the second year for my high bush blueberry plant.  The directions said the first year most of the growth takes place underground so hopefully it will sprout nice and high this summer.  I loaded the bed with lots of fresh compost that I have made over the last year in my back yard compost so my fingers are crossed!!! 🙂

Several years ago my children bought me this snowball bush for Mother’s day….  It has had a hard start….  my son’s car has practically ran it over twice but it’s a survivor!  it is totally thriving!  It’s about 6 or 7 feet tall now and I am going to have to seriously cut it back once I figure out what is the right time of year to trim this shrub.

This is the last picture I have for today.  This is of our beautiful cherry tree in our back yard.  This is my daughter Vicki’s tree and it produces the sweetest cherries!  This year we are going to have a ton of them if we can keep the birds away!  My friend Lauren gave me the idea to hang something covered in foil in the tree, she says the birds don’t like it so we are going to give it a try.  Thanks Lauren!

Well, that’s it for now… Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the tour of my yard!

My Garden….

20 Aug

We have had so much rain here in Halifax this summer!  It really surprises me that my garden is doing as well as it is!

These are so beautiful!  My daughter Vicki bought two of these plants for me one year for Mother’s day.  They were so lovely and when the flowers finished I was so disappointed!  My mother told me to plant them in my garden and they may come back the next year.  That was the best advice I have ever had!  This is the third year for these plants, they just keep coming back!  I have two plants and each plant has about 20 blooms!

Here’s a close up.  So beautiful!  These are one of my favorite flowers, Star Gazer Lilly.

Here is some other pics of what is going on in my back yard..

I’m not sure what these are called but I usually cut some of them and bring them in for my dining room table.

This is another perennial that I have planted in my back yard on the border of our deck.  So Pretty and so easy to take care of.

Have a great day!

Lisa 🙂

Posts from My Garden :)

10 Jul

My Clematis is starting to bloom 🙂  This is such a lovely plant but impossible to control!  It grows up and through the privacy lattice fence Tony built along side of our deck.  This is such a pretty plant, it pokes out of both sides  and such big beautiful blooms 🙂

I have two different colors of the same type of Clematis and both are doing very well!

Have a great day!

Lisa 🙂


23 May

I love to garden… Almost as much as I love to craft… It is a close second.  From time to time I will post some of my gardening efforts. I enjoy growing flowers but veggies are my favorite thing to grow.  Here is a couple of pic’s I took today while trying to do my spring clean up of my yard….

This first one is of my Daughter (Vicki’s) Cherry Tree.  It is in full bloom at the moment and by the looks of it, we are going to have a ton of Cherries!

The next one is of one of my Strawberry beds… I can’t believe they are doing so well after the amount of rain we have had!

I still have a ton of yard work to do but today was a good start! 🙂