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Happy Birthday to ME!

18 Sep

I had a fantastic day today…. My lovely co-workers decorated my desk at work and took me out to lunch…. I received Birthday Wishes from about 1000 people it seemed!!!  I worked today and my Blackberry kept going off indicating I got a new notification on my Facebook page as well as The Cutting Garden Facebook page!  WHOA!  Do I Feel Popular!!!!  A girl could get used to all of this wonderful treatment!!!!

So I get in the door from work and my friend Carol is on the phone saying she is coming over with my cake!!!!  OMG!  Look at this sinful piece of heaven!!!!….

Strawberry Supreme Cheese Cake!  Carol knows me so well because I dislike regular cake… especially the icing… I DETEST icing *shudder*  She had it all pre-sliced for me and I couldn’t wait to dive in.  I laughed at the look on Tony’s face when I gave him a small piece of it….. he said…. “Lisa this cake is going to last too long!!! It has 16 slices!!!  No worries…. he can have as many pieces as he wants.  OMG it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!    THANK YOU CAROL!!!! *HUGS*  Wow what a lovely treat!  And to top it off, I got a big fat gift certificate to The Cutting Garden!!!  I can’t wait to hit the Die isle and snag me a few more of the new ones Kim has in!!!

*Happy Sigh*  It’s great to be 30…… again 😉  WoooooHoooooo!!

I Hope everyone has a great evening!!!